5 Ways to Get Quick Motivation

Motivation is something that we all need at times. We sometimes struggle to get motivated, much less, stay motivated. Life is full of setbacks and disappointment. And when faced with life’s everyday struggles we sometimes get down on ourselves. Solid motivation techniques can really help in times like that. Here are 5 ways to get quick motivation.

1. Revisit your Purpose. Constantly bring to remembrance the original purpose of your tasks. If you focus on the purpose then it will be easier to maintain the motivation to perform the task. Think about the reason behind the goal rather than the work and you’ll be more enthused about taking the necessary actions.

2. Create Visual Reminders. Use pictures which represent your dream, wish, or desire. They keep you inspired. Keep a picture at your desk at work, on your bedroom wall, or taped to your refrigerator door. This gives your mind a target and keeps you motivated to see that dream come true.

3. Forget Your Mistakes. Do not dwell on your mistakes or criticism from others. Dwelling on past mistakes won’t help you to hit your goals. You can’t do anything to change the past. The present is the only place where you can act to impact your future. Use the mistakes to learn lessons on how you don’t want to perform next time around. Learn from your past and move on. Leaving the past in the past will free you up mentally and help you to stay motivated with present day tasks.

4. Focus on the Future. Project your thoughts ahead to a future where you’ve achieved your goals. What does it feel like? Are you happy? Are you fulfilled? The answers to these questions should be on your mind throughout the day. These are the thoughts that motivate and inspire you. Keep your attention on where you want to go for added motivation in those times when you are feeling weary.

5. Do Something Everyday. Take action daily, no matter how small. Consistency works wonders for your attitude and your effectiveness. When you take small action everyday you’ll develop good work habits. You’ll develop skills and gain good experience that you couldn’t gain in any other way.

“The most important thing you can do to achieve your goals is to make sure that as soon as you set them, you immediately begin to create momentum.” ~ Anthony Robbins

Daily action will also give you forward momentum. Go to work on the daily activities associated with your goals and the positive results will have a compounding effect over time.

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