Autism and Democracy

In commercials for children with Autism you may see the lone child staring into space aimlessly. This of course is misleading because the child may have much activity going on behind those eyes. The child with Autism may be pondering more than staring.

To some people it seems un-American to institutionalize people, although many people have used and do use this option. When thinking of people with Autism, civil rights must apply to everyone or they mean nothing.

Unfortunately there still seems to be a debate as to whether or not people with autism can be allowed to stay in society. Families who want to take care of their family members should have the right to do so, even if they need a little help.

Humanitarianism, political correctness even democracy should demand this option for everyone who wants to keep a child or adult with Autism in their home. Many typical people have some of the same characteristics that a child with Autism has.

I wonder at the reasoning that it is because typical people chose to have those characteristics it is considered ok. On the other hand our children do not choose in the same way and are denied services or are placed on endless waiting lists.

Unfortunately we are also faced with the sometimes sloppy thinking of some professionals. It is easy to tell a parent they do not have to live this way. It is easy to tell them there is a place our children can go. It is much harder to deal with a parent’s emotions and the slow unresponsive system we have.

Science often devotes time and resources to finding cures and answers for conditions like Autism. What is forgotten is that family members are often doing this as well. We also need to keep in mind that agencies should not be allowed to interfere in those family’s lives.

Bureaucracy is a disastrous time bomb. People must have the right to deal with Autism as they see fit. Unfortunately many agencies have become conceited as a whole. People are tired but they must understand that the loss of liberty begins with the old, the mentally ill, the sick, and then it comes after you.

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