Body and Mind

According to latest survey, ignoring minor mental ailments, like consistent stress, undue anxiety and serve panic and apprehension, can cause serious mental disorders like chronic depression. Which play havoc later with ones life? Psychiatric problem are not taken seriously, rather they are considered as ones personality weakness. In this way there affect on ones body are ignored. As a result of this attitude these problems are dealt very late. Doctors say we have to give more emphasis’s on body mind relationship.

Three types of mental disorders are increasing rapidly.

1) Stress related disorder- These disorders have physical manifestations, even though there is no physical cause for it. For example, a serve back pain could occur due to adjustment disorder, the most common type of stress. This is basically a mental disorder, rather a problem in spinal cord. These types of problem occur, when people are unable to adjust with conflicting or stressful situations.

2) Anxiety related disorders- These occur when a person is suffering from uncontrolled or excessive worry or apprehension for no apparent reason. This undue apprehension could lead to panic attack. This is most evident in people in their 20’s and 30’s.

3) Psychomatc disorder- Here an emotional disturbance may aggravate an existing physical ailment. For example emotional trauma could lead you to an asthma attack or stress could lead to migraine or chest pain, for people already suffering from these ailments.

Where as the two most diagnosed mental disorders are-

1) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – With the increase of manmade and natural disasters like bombings and floods. People suffering from all age are brought in for PTSD treatment.

2) Eating disorder- With the beauty pageants, modeling and acting becoming big business, causing young girls obsessed with their body weight. This obsession stresses them out and triggers eating disorders. First is Anorexia Nervosa, occurs when is excessively thin and yet believes one to be plump. Therefore strive oneself to become thin. Without timely medication, this could be a fatal. Bulimia is a more common condition. Here the person eats large amount of food in short intervals and feel guilty for it. To overcome this try to do vomiting or use a laxative. This problem if not treated can lead to serious stomach problems.

Apart from this there are also cases of burnout, due to excessive or over work or repeated jobs. Burnout is becoming very common these days.

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