Founding Members - Getting Started

You're in! Welcome Aboard :)

Thank you so much for joining our mission to help people with mental health, it means so much to me that you've decided to come on board as a Founding Member.

This project is still a baby, launched only in August 2019, so the next few months are critical in establishing ourselves as a truly global community that we can then get it in front of the people who really need it.

As with all projects like this, it's all about getting the ball rolling. People are reluctant to join a platform like this if not much seems to be happening, so our role is to light the kindling by starting conversations in the discussion groups, add listings to the directory, leave reviews and generally spread the word.

This guide will take you through the next steps required to get you established as a Founder Member with your own landing page and directory listings.

Paul Purseglove - Founder

What Happens Next?


Create an Account

If you're not already a member of our community you'll need to register here using your real name. Once registered, please add a profile image or logo and cover image to complete your profile.


Add Your Listing(s)

Once you are a registered member, you'll need to add one or more lisings to the directory here. Multiple listings are permitted, you'll be able to link one of these to each of your landing pages.


Create Your Landing Page

Provide around 500-750 words of text using the form below. This is not an advert for your services but an informational article about your chosen subject, and will be reviewed/edited prior to publishing.

Submit Your Landing Page Content Here