Four Kinds of Thoughts

Thoughts carry energies. It is subtle yet very powerful. This is the reason why every thought has an impact in ones’ life. Whether it is consciously or unconsciously created, these thought energies significantly bring an outcome.

Exploring on these four kinds of thought or energy; necessary/ordinary, waste, positive or negative thoughts can help one decide on which type of thought must be created.

First, understand what are ordinary thoughts. These are thoughts necessary for everyday tasks and activities. Everyday, one has to eat, drink, take a bath and other routine tasks one has to do for basic survival. These thoughts are just ordinary has they create ordinary impact in ones’ life. It does not give much benefit nor does it harm anyone.

The second type is waste thoughts. Waste means anything that needs to be placed in trash bin as it has no value and it is already rotten. These are created because there are thoughts for the future that cannot be controlled. But the mind goes into that direction all the time. So, the mind’s energy is wasted thinking what cannot be taken in control. Basically, it comes when there are worries of what will happen. Thinking of the past is also wasting ones’ energy. Words that begin with ‘if only…I thought he/she is like this…’ are thoughts that waste ones’ energy and time. These are actually because of regrets. The past has passed but one is still holding into it. Hence, ones’ energy is wasted. When a thought is created without ones’ control either for the future or for the past, then energy and time is wasted.

The third type is well-known. Negative thoughts create harm to others. These thoughts are based on vices like ego, anger, greed or lust. When one thinks negatively, he is like throwing stones to himself and to others. Any energy that is influenced with these vices fall into this category. Thereby, refrain from thinking negative thoughts. They harm the self, others and the atmosphere as well.

The fourth one is positive thoughts. Thinking positively bring happiness. Any energy based on love, peace, happiness and all other virtues create optimism and bring benefit to the self, others and the atmosphere.

In summary, when one creates positive thoughts, he carries positive energies.These energies can travel distances. Likewise with the other types of thoughts.

Likewise when one creates negative thoughts.

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