Autism and Democracy

In commercials for children with Autism you may see the lone child staring into space aimlessly. This of course is misleading because the child may have much activity going on behind those eyes. The child with Autism may be pondering more than staring. To some people it seems un-American to institutionalize people, although many people […]

Adult Dyslexia – 4 Tips to Beat AD

Getting official diagnosis as soon as possible (through an education authority) is the first step towards beating AD. It is also worth finding out whether AD is being complicated by any other condition, such as Asperser’s Syndrome, ADD, Scotopic Sensitivity or Dyspraxia. There are some very effective and scientifically tested ways for treating Adult Dyslexia […]

Common Speech Disorders in Children

As children begin to speak and learn language, there may be a variety of disorders or conditions which could hinder them along the way. It's important to become familiar with some of the most common, so that you know what you may expect, or what type of action should be taken. Here's a guide to […]

Entering Their Imaginative World

In dealing with children with autism spectrum disorders, its all about relationship. These children are within a realm where they feel and respond much differently than others. There has been much focus on trying to eliminate certain behaviors or to evoke particular responses in children which actually become rote and repetitive for them without context. […]

Benefits Of Music Therapy

Music therapy uses music to promote positive changes in the wellbeing of an individual. These positive changes may be manifested in changes in physical development, social and interpersonal development, emotional or spiritual wellbeing or cognitive abilities. The therapeutic benefits of music have been known and harnessed since ancient times. However, music therapy in modern times […]

Is There Really An Autism Epidemic?

Nowadays many hear of the so called “autism epidemic”, and various popular authors such as Gary Null, have claimed that the apparently rapid increase in autism, is due to vaccines or to “environmental toxins” or to some other aspect of modern life. But is this really the case? It is an undeniable fact that the […]

Enhanced ESP, Telepathy, and Mysticism in People With Autism

Evolving Opinion I would like to reiterate that I do not claim to understand the process that I have been involved in. It needs further study. My autistic Students have been my teachers. The more I experience, the more I realize how little I know. When I am involved in joining, I sense we are […]

The Impossible Cure for Autism

In 1996 when my daughter was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDDNOS), there were very few natural resources to help children who were non-verbal. I had taken her to what was presumed to be the best hospital at the time, “Children Memorial”. The psychologist who evaluated her noted in her record, “We currently do not […]

How to Utilize Talents and Skills of Autistic Individuals

Most of the individuals with autism have some latent talents and skills in some particular fields. The parents need to find out and utilize those latent talents and skills to make them self-dependent. If the talents of the autistic children can be spotted properly, they can be made trained to sharpen their skills to make […]