Gaining An Understanding of Mild Autism

Autism remains one of the most misunderstood conditions that a child could deal with. Those that do have a vague understanding of the condition will often assume that it only exists in its severe form. In actuality, autism comes in many forms including a less impactful but no less serious manner. This variant of autism […]

Biomedical Autism Intervention – Autism and Aggressive Behavior – Part 2

A biomedical Autism Doctor Explains The Different Types of Aggressive Behaviors Displayed in  Autistic Children In part 1 of this article on Aggressive Behavior and Autism I discussed some of the common issues seen with individuals on the autism-spectrum such as food sensitivities, intestinal issues and others that biomedical autism intervention and treatment can help. […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stem Cell Treatment

Stem therapy is the newly discovered kind of treatment known to be more effective than the other treatments available today. We have heard and read a lot of testimonials from televisions and internet on how effective stem treatment to their ailments. But we are not that sure if they are telling us the truth or […]

Adult Genetic Screening, Testing, and Intervention: What Are the Consequences?

A longstanding concern about genetic screening and testing is that people at increased risk for a serious condition could face discrimination, which prompted passage of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) in 2008. Lawmakers have designed GINA to prevent discrimination from health insurers and employers. There is a question of whether it can be enforced […]

Biomedical Autism Intervention – Methyl B-12, Different Forms

In my experience, I see methyl B-12 therapy and specifically methyl B-12 injections as a cornerstone therapy for children undertaking a biomedical treatment for Autism. Whether you are treating your young child, older child, teen or an adult, clinical benefits can be seen across the board with methyl B-12 injection therapy. That does not imply […]

Adult Dyslexia Diagnosis by Dyslexia Screening Test

Living with dyslexia as an adult can be a very harrowing experience. If you think you have dyslexia then you should consider taking an online dyslexia screening test to get yourself diagnosed. By doing this you will be taking the first step towards conquering your dyslexia. Most online dyslexia screening test are very user friendly […]

Common Misunderstandings Regarding Persons With Autism

Pervasive Myths about Autism More than one percent of all American children have autism. That is no myth. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that one out of every 68 children that year were diagnosed with autism. That is over two times the number of children that were diagnosed eight years […]

Autism and Nutritional Supplements

Unfortunately, it has been proved beyond doubt that a large percentage of the United States population suffers from nutritional deficiency. Studies show, 30% of the general population has a marginal level of Vitamin C and 15% are Vitamin C deficient. Low level of vitamins and minerals like, calcium, iron, folic acid, magnesium, and chromium continue […]