Use Brahmi for Hair, And You Make The Mind Sharper As Well

Brahmi is the highly renowned herb used for a host of medical applications and healing purposes. This is taken in great regard in the Ayurvedic system of medication and there are innumerable medicines which use Brahmi as a component. In memory aid and memory boosting medications, Brahmi is very often used. Similarly, Brahmi is used […]

10 Health Benefits of Apple Fruit

Is it true that five-a-day keeps the doctor away? We are always being told that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods you can eat. However, do we all know the benefits of apples? In this article, I have written down ten healthy benefits that you gain with apples. Read below and enjoy! 1) Protect […]

Neramexane Trials For Tinnitus Yield Favorable Results

Tinnitus is more known as “ringing” in the ears. It refers to the perception of noise or sound without the actual existence of external sound. Such condition also manifests other symptoms and more serious issues such as hearing loss, depression, sleep deprivation, and lessened sound tolerance. Science is Sexy A certain studies concluded that tinnitus […]

Don’t Bother With Expensive Products to Increase Your Libido

Women and sex seem to be favourite topics for writers these days, mainly because they want to sell a product that is “guaranteed” to increase a woman’s libido (and men’s too, by the way). So what is it that makes manufacturers decide that we all need these things if we’ve reached a “certain age”? Let’s […]

Cognitive Supplement Manufacturing Trends

The demand for supplements that support cognitive health is booming. Although aging is associated with declining memory, the alarming news is that symptoms of cognitive deficiencies are occurring more frequently and exhibited in younger age groups as well. As research develops consumers are seeking a wide array of botanicals and nutrients that could help boost […]

Best Tips On How To Cure Psoriasis From The Inside

Psoriasis is a disease that is difficult to treat because it is still not very well understood. Despite this, there are many treatment therapies that have been developed despite there currently being no “cure” yet. There are also various natural psoriasis treatments that have proven to be very effective for many psoriasis sufferers to keep […]

Health Benefits of Turmeric

If you have ever eaten a curry, no doubt you will have consumed some of the spice turmeric. More importantly, you will have benefited from its properties. Now while you may have heard of turmeric, you may not be aware of its many health benefits. This bright yellow spice has a multitude of health benefits. […]

How to Determine That You Have Brain Cancer

Just under 1% of the human race will be susceptible to being diagnosed with either brain cancer, or another cancer associated to the nervous system sometime during their life-time. Put in layman’s terms, that is 1 in every 161 men and women throughout the world will in some way be affected by the disease. When […]

Tips From Nursing Homes: Coping With Sundowners

For those who have a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and living in nursing homes, it may become noticeable that the evening time brings on some odd symptoms in a loved one that causes agitation or confusion. They may be suffering from Sundowners Syndrome. The following are some things that family members need to […]