Does Mental Illness Cause Violence? 12 Points to Consider

Mental illness does not cause violence. Mental illness is neither a source nor a cause for aggression, violence, murder and mayhem. The news and entertainment media pairs this “cause-and-effect” rationale to spice up and extend news coverage duration in the case of a mass murder. The media demand immediate answers for each event’s details in […]

More Plastic Than Plankton

I can remember growing up in the sixties in a world which was still relatively “plastic free”. Do you remember when foods were actually packaged in glass, paper and cardboard? Do you also remember when the paper and cardboard was thicker back then? I can still remember as a boy looking at one of those […]

Inattentive ADHD – Teachers and Parents Disagree on Who Has It

There has been almost as much excitement in the ADHD community regarding a new study by Duke University researchers that has found that elementary school age students with ADHD may not have symptoms of ADHD when evaluated a year later as their has been in the general community to the Duke University basketball championship. In […]

A Leadership Guide – Developing Curriculum Based Decision Making Teams with Response to Intervention

A new vision and role is emerging in the field of school psychology, demanding a revision of the traditional ‘tester/interpreter’ to that of skilled and knowledgeable facilitator/leader in the area of Curriculum Based Decision Making (CBDM) and Response to Intervention (RTI). Curriculum Based Decision Making and problem solving assessment is a welcome change in education, […]

Teratogens and the Damage They Do

The Greek word for “Malformation or Monstrosity” is teras. This is the root of the words, teratogen and teratology. The study of teratogens is vital to the future health of newborns. The incidence of birth defects – some horrific in nature – can be lessened, but only if they can be isolated as a root […]

Recognizing ADHD Predominantly Inattentive Symptoms in the Classroom

If you are an educator, it is essential that you learn the process of recognizing ADHD predominantly inattentive symptoms in the classroom. ADHD stands for “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. This is a disorder that typically makes itself known in the earliest years of a child’s life. Medical professionals, scientists and researchers that specialize in this […]

ADHD In A Nutshell

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has had many alternative labels, including attention deficit disorder (ADD), minimal brain dysfunction, hyperkinetic syndrome, and developmental hyperactivity. This syndrome appears in early childhood and may have a lifelong course. Research findings show a primary deficit in the ability to inhibit responding, to delay responding, or to tolerate externally imposed delays […]

How Positive Affirmations Help Children With Learning Disabilities

One of the best ways to make a positive change in anyone’s life is through stating positive affirmations. While these affirmations can be successfully used for all ages, they are particularly effective with children. These simple statements have the powerful ability to reprogram the subconscious. When used at an early age, this tool has even […]

Get to the Root of the Problem – Causes of Dyspraxia

What is dyspraxia? More commonly known as developmental dyspraxia, it is a spectrum of developmental disorders that affect core human actions and the ability to execute them. This simply means that those individuals who are affected by developmental dyspraxia will tend to have very little or no hand eye co-ordination, as well as problems with […]