Disability Retirement For Federal Workers – The Importance of a Coherent and Consistent Application

Federal and Postal employees either fall into one of two possible retirement systems: FERS (an acronym for Federal Employee Retirement System) or CSRS (Civil Service Retirement System). Whichever system the Federal or Postal employee falls under, the benefit of Federal Disability Retirement is an option which is available, in the event that a Federal Government […]

Sperm Donor Nightmare

Like many women, I had not found. Right, and my biological clock was ringing loud and clear. I was 40 years old and realized if I wanted to become a mother, it was now-or-never. Perhaps selfishly, I wanted my own biological child. As a special education teacher, I had taught many emotionally disturbed children who […]

Special Education in Ireland’s Secondary Schools

This article is an introduction to special education in Irish secondary schools. The past then years have witnessed a sea change in special education provision in Ireland. The Department of Education and Science has issued numerous directives and guidelines in relation to policy, provision, structure and supports. Since 1998 there have been ten pieces of […]

Autistic Disorder

Autistic disorder is characterized by devastating impairments in a young child’s communication and language skills, disinterest in social interaction, and preference for repetitive, stereotyped behaviors. Although it is usually present in infancy, no physical indicators or hard neurological signs facilitate an accurate neurological diagnosis before the age of three. Early signs of autism include lack […]

All About Spina Bifida

One of the most common disorders that children are born with is spina bifida. The name means split spine and it comes with a vast array of symptoms, from barely any at all to a form so severe it means that a patient may never walk. Just fifty years ago, only 10% of babies with […]

Incontinence Issues for Children With Cerebral Palsy

Bowel and bladder control is an important part of any child’s learning and development, and a child with cerebral palsy is no different. CP children in particular often have difficulty with bowel and bladder control, since these functions require well developed muscle tone and coordination. Conquering these issues can be a monumental occasion for children […]

Difficulties in Education for Autistic Children

Many children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or Asperger’s syndrome, are often pulled out by their parents from mainstream education. This is because autistic children find the transition from primary to secondary school difficult to adjust. Parents say that primary school is better suited to their children because of the one-classroom-one-teacher method of teaching. But […]

David and Goliath – Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

Malcolm Gladwell was not satisfied with oversimplified retelling of the David and Goliath story. When Malcolm sizes up this story he calculates David's victory was a highly probable one due to a tragic flaw coincident with Goliath's size. This flaw was not an obvious one nor was it simply that larger moves slower in real […]

What Is Williams Syndrome?

Williams Syndrome, sometimes known as Williams-Beuren Syndrome is a rare genetic condition named after the doctor who first described it. How rare? Well, different sources estimate that it affects between one in every 8,000 or 25,000 births, depending on which website you read. That’s pretty rare. It’s a genetic condition, meaning it is caused by […]

Brain And Neurological Problems Affect Almost Half Of Celiacs Even With A Gluten Free Diet

There is reasonable evidence of neurological problems in Celiac disease (CD) even those well treated on a gluten-free diet should undergo periodic neurological screening. Peripheral neuropathy is found in almost half of people with CD. Previously, neurological complications in Celiac disease were reported to be as high as 36% or more than a third. Some […]