Menopause Symptoms – Is an Enlarged Uterus One of Many Menopause Symptoms?

Menopause as all women know is a time for change and may have some uncomfortable symptoms. The question is whether one of the menopause symptoms could include an enlarged uterus. There are specific tests for diagnoses and treatments are available. Causes and Symptoms of an Enlarged Uterus An enlarged uterus is also called Endometriosis – […]

Hoodia Gordonii Weight Loss Research

Hoodia Gordonii is a unique plant, which has been eaten by the indigenous San Bushmen to treat stomach disorders and suppress their craving for food and water for more than twenty-five thousand years. This unique property of the plant has raised interest in the pharmaceutical community for the development of a safe and effective food […]

The Responsibility We Have to Friends

Deep friendships mean abysmal betrayals, when, for some reason, the relationship ends. Inevitably every close relationship, friendships particularly, are affected by conflict, and ultimately some skirmish occurs to test the strength of trust between two buddies. There’s deep hurt, sorrow, anguish, and loneliness. But things can get even more complex if one or both begin […]

Stillness of Mind

A traditional Zen Koan (a question posed by a Zen master to a student, and to be answered upon reflection from personal experience) says: “What is the sound of one hand clapping?” At first the question seems rather odd. How on earth can a single hand make a sound? Could it be the motion of […]

6 Dog Training Tips For a Well Trained, Well Behaved Pet

Dogs are considered man’s best friend. Throughout the ages and of all animals, dogs have been man’s companion. More than companions, dogs serve a variety of functions. There are working dogs (e.g., police dogs) and dogs that are used as guides for the disabled. Farmers and livestock owners use dogs for herding, and some home […]

Lonely Married Woman – Have an Affair

The most interesting place for young people nowadays is a dating website. Dating is a beautiful concept and one should be proud for it. The whole concept of dating helps to build relationships. Every young guys and girls in this generation goes through this phase. Nowadays even more mature people and lonely married women go […]

Karate Chop Point

A client raised a question about the use of the karate chop (kc) point. She was surprised that while we worked through her particular issue, we continually tapped the karate chop point while dialogging. For example, we would continually tap the kc point while saying the following: Even though I feel neglected, I accept myself […]