Employee Benefits for Motivation and Productivity of Work

Employee benefits are essential for the development of corporate industrial relations. According to Herzberg's two-factor theory (motivation and hygiene), an employee benefit program is a necessary and sufficient working condition. The hygiene factor will affect employees' work motivation and then productivity. In the stimulus-response behavior, employees' work-motivation, seen as the response, can be analyzed from […]

Self Motivation – 10 Key Steps When Faced With Impossible Choices

Your employers are taking advantage of you, you are about to be made redundant, you are in debt and your finances are a mess, your wife/husband/partner and you keep arguing, you are under so much pressure – you need to “do” something, anything, right now. I have been there – believe me – more than […]

Motivation in the Classroom

As a former teacher myself, I have often spoke of learning from and with my students. In the classroom, there are a host of agendas, ideas, and motivating factors that work together mechanically to produce a desired outcome. But sometimes the mechanics are far from functional as often times students are not willing participators, intrinsically […]

Motivation Defined

Motivation is a call to action. Motivation inspires change, movement, and focus; it is what makes the world turn. The Art of Motivation is a must for Master Persuaders. How do you motivate in such a way that prompts people to take the actions you want them to take? How can you plant the seeds […]

Four Major Theories on Motivation

Motivation is a psychological function that is related to emotions but distinct from it. When it comes to other animals, motivation is almost identical or inseparable from instinct. For example, predators such as wolves and lions motivated to hunt primarily because of hunger. Motivation tends to become complex as the intellectual capacity an organism increases […]

Motivation For Achievement

What makes the difference between those people who are very inspired to achieve something and those who are not so determined? Those who do almost everything to excel and succeed by putting in a lot of effort and those who don’t work as hard and for whom it is not that important? The difference lies […]

Trouble With Motivation?

One way I have found to keep my teams motivated is to take a step back from practice and let the athletes play a game. No matter what the age is, from tinies all the way up to senior age, they all love to play games once in a while at practice. The key is […]

What Is Motivation?

Motivation is the drive to want to succeed in everything you do. Without it you will never succeed in life; you will certainly fail in every venture you set out in. It is not something we are born with you can learn how to develop motivation so that you can succeed in life. Motivation is […]