Panic Attacks – 5 Keys to Face Your Fears and Solve Panic Attacks

In earlier articles I shared with you what panic attacks are and discussed symptoms and possible coping tools. I also mentioned the idea that avoiding your fears can actually help make it harder to solve panic attacks. It is quite common to avoid certain places or situations where panic or anxiety attacks have happened before. In this article I […]

The Perils of Panic Attacks During Pregnancy

Panic attacks during pregnancy is a serious matter. This is especially true because a pregnant woman is not only afraid of hurting herself but her unborn baby as well. According to studies, half of all expectant mothers experience this. This makes this issue of so important to comprehend. By nature, these attacks generate abrupt and […]

AWARE: Five Steps to Overcoming Panic Attacks

If panic attacks have been bothering you for so long now, you might want to try the steps to overcoming panic attacks. When you have episodes of panic attacks your mind blurs and you can’t think clearly. You feel afraid that you lose all your logic and rationale on what you should do. This is […]

Cure For Panic Attacks – Is There Really a Cure?

Cure for panic attacks comes in various forms. Conventional medicine has drugs that treat anxiety effectively. Besides this, psychotherapy, alternative medicines and lifestyle changes are noticeable cures. Conventional medicine: The fastest method to treat panic attacks is definitely the conventional medicines. Benzodiazepine group of drugs is commonly used as a cure for panic attacks. Clonazepam […]

How Meditation Can Help Stop Anxiety and Panic Attacks

If you worry about when the next anxiety or panic attack may come on, I have good news for you. I use to spend countless hours and days in a state of low level anxiety wondering when something might happen that would trigger an attack…and wishing I could do something to stop it. What was […]

How to Stop Panic Attacks Dead in Its Tracks Without Expensive Therapy

If you are serious about wanting to know how to stop panic attacks… know this… it is absolutely possible to and no… you are definitely not a “special case” or incurable… to cure your panic attacks once and for all. First of all, panic disorders or fairly common… now a little math… (sorry)… It has […]

Causes of Panic Attacks – Are There Any Physical Factors?

You just saw someone having a panic attack and now you ponder in your room thinking what caused such a scary experience. If you ask your parents, they might tell you that fear or phobia triggers panic attack and to prevent it, you need to conquer your fear or phobia. However, everyone has his or […]

When Anxiety Attacks Strike Dont Push The Panic Button – Push Panic Away

The big meeting with your boss is scheduled for tomorrow morning; you’ve finished writing the controversial proposal concerning the company’s next major project; and you’re feeling good that your visual aids are complete and professional looking. As you relax and settle back to contemplate the fruits of your labor, you…oh, no, not now – the […]