Processing Traumatic Memory With The Mind’s Eye And The Hidden Observer

A major approach to the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) involves narrative processing of the traumatic memory. This is designed to undo the distressing continued effect of the traumatic experience that intrudes into the patient’s present life as PTSD symptoms, depression, and dissociation. The narrative processing collects and organizes the fragmented images and perceptions […]

Body and Mind

According to latest survey, ignoring minor mental ailments, like consistent stress, undue anxiety and serve panic and apprehension, can cause serious mental disorders like chronic depression. Which play havoc later with ones life? Psychiatric problem are not taken seriously, rather they are considered as ones personality weakness. In this way there affect on ones body […]

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine is a powerful drug and can be very addicting. Cocaine has destroyed many lives and taken the lives of many before their time. Even a single use can result in overdose and death and long term use can cause serious health consequences including but not limited to heart and other organ failure and dementia. […]

Why Parents Should Consider Homeschooling Their Children

People often ask me why I homeschool my children. “What are the benefits of home education?” I have to temper my tongue when answering because the first thought that comes to mind is “Why shouldn’t I homeschool my kids. It’s better for them.” I strongly believe in the benefits of homeschooling. I think it’s good […]

Marijuana And a Healthy You: How Does That Work?

“Take Control of Your Health Naturally” What is Marijuana? Marijuana is a natural herb that has been around for many years. It contains an active ingredient called cannabinoids. Each cannabinoid has a different effect on the body. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabinol) are the two main cannabinoids used in medicine. THC being more of a […]

Stillbirth and Post Traumatic Stress

Stillbirth, the term used for babies who die in utero, after 20-24 weeks, is a worldwide health issue. 2.6 million babies die in this way each year. (Source The Lancet Medical Journal, UK) That is more than all those who die as a result of malaria and AIDS COMBINED. What it means also is that […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Read War Bride by Elise Marion Right Now

1. It’s more than just a romance War Bride by Elise Marion is primarily a romance, but it’s so much more than a love story. The book covers a lot of social issues today, even though it’s a medieval fantasy romance. Lady Emery Calliot fights for equal rights as a woman in a misogynist world. […]

What Is PTBD?

You’ve heard of PTSD, Post traumatic Stress Disorder, but have you ever heard of PTBD, Post Traumatic Business Disorder? Like PTSD, PTBD involves either a single traumatic event that causes an immediate negative change, or a series of events that build up to cause the negatives to become exponential. I invite you to read this […]

500K Veterans Embroiled in VA Claims Backlog

Right now over 500k Vets are embroiled in a VA claims backlog. 100k of those Vets are just waiting on a rating decision. The other 400k Vets are waiting on the VA appeals process. With a 2017 budget expected to be 184 Billion dollars you would think the VA could get this right. If the […]

PTST Treatment: The Importance Of Integrating Memories

The French psychiatrist and philosopher Pierre Janet proposed that "when patients fail to integrate the traumatic experience into the totality of their personal awareness, they become 'attached' … to the trauma: 'Unable to integrate traumatic memories, they seem to have lost their capacity to assimilate new experiences as well. It is … as if their […]