Mindfulness and Poetry: Delicious Word Awareness

Everyone’s a poet. Of course, everyone’s a critic, too! This means that there are plenty of opportunities to heighten our awareness of words and how we use them. Words create pictures, and just as a painter uses a combination of colors and strokes to express a concept, we offer an artistic rendering of thoughts through […]

How Mindfulness Can Help You Reduce Stress

The Scourge of Modern Life Chances are, if you are reading this right now you have access to electricity, an internet connection and a smartphone. You live in the industrialized world and have been affected by stress at some point in your life. Stress in modern times is unavoidable. It is the frontier for worry […]

What Is Mindfulness and How Can It Help You Conquer Stress?

Mindfulness is an ancient method of gaining self-awareness. It is practiced extensively in the East and has strong connections to the ancient philosophical bodies of Buddhism and even Hinduism. Mindfulness is one of the key practices taught by many spiritual disciplines because it helps quiet the mind and also helps improve a person’s understanding of […]

Bringing Peace Back to the Holiday Season Through Mindfulness

Peace, joy, and gratitude – these are things that we wish for during the holiday season and throughout the year. But those feelings are sometimes hard to come by in our stressful world, particularly around Christmas time, as we’re bombarded with our thoughts that may not be comforting or joyful. I’ve been working with Charlotte, […]

Effective Tips For Mindfulness Meditation

A lot of people today really struggle with juggling work and personal life. And as a result, they become stressed and lack the energy to think better. That’s what stress does; it depletes you or robs you of the joy to live through life in a mindful and positive way. If you’re ready to gain […]

Mindfulness: The Most Important Trading Psychology Skill for Traders

Of all the mental skills a trader can learn, mindfulness is perhaps the most important trading psychology skill. Mindfulness comes from ancient, eastern traditions associated with Buddhism and Yoga. Although people associate mindfulness with spiritual practices, it is a practical mental skill from which everyone can benefit. It is changing the landscape of western psychology. […]

3 Simple Tips for Being More Mindful Everyday

Mindfulness is all about tuning the brain to focus on the present moment. It is important to state this fact because sometimes the true essence of mindfulness is lost. This happens when putting all emphasis on traditional activities practiced alongside mindfulness such as meditation or yoga. However, mindfulness can be applied in our daily lives. […]

Mindfulness Meditation – Give Your Inner Squirrel Some Nuts!

The recent fusion of evolutionary neuroscience with psychology has shed a great deal of light on the workings of our brains and the reasons for our emotions. In an earlier article on this website, Mindfulness Meditation – How to Slay Your Inner Dragon, we looked at the fears that are often generated by the primitive […]

What is Mindfulness For Children

Mindfulness means "the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally to the unfolding of experiences moment by moment." (Joh Kabat-Zinn) It is an active process incorporating staying aware of the external environment and the internal bodily sensations in the present moment without judgment, positive or negative. Children live […]

Divorce – It Happens! Mindfulness Practice For Going Through Divorce

DIVORCE – It happens. And when it does, it can bring a Pandora’s box of challenges! There’s one challenge that might be overlooked and it has to do with food! If you are reading this, perhaps you (or others you know) are going through divorce, or are recently divorced. The divorce journey is usually very […]